Community Service

Community Service Form

What is volunteering?

Work that is done without pay or recognition to help an individual or organization within the community in which one belongs. Anyone can and should do community service through a community group or organization such as the following: museums, libraries, churches, Howard Christian Nature Center, God's Kitchen, United Way, Humane Society, veteran's homes, assisted living facilities, elderly in the community and school related opportunities (athletics events, NHS, Student Government, blood drives, Kent City Carnival, Veteran's Day, Alumni Event during homecoming, Kent City Ridge Run, tutoring through teachers, and more).

Why volunteer?

To help others - Giving of your time and energy benefits everyone in our community. It promotes interaction between different groups of people, provides assistance to others in need, enhances the community, and produces feelings of hope and satisfaction in others. To benefit you - The feeling of involvement and enjoyment from meeting new people. Learn new skills. Personal growth while exploring your interests. Volunteering in your area of interest may lead to a career opportunity in the future. Hands on experience that allows you to grow and gain knowledge in a particular area.

Why is community service not required at KCHS?

The Michigan Department of Education does not allow high schools to require community service to graduate. It is strongly and highly recommended. We at KCHS feel it is a relevant enough activity to emphasize it to our students


Community service hours should be documented on the Community Service Form that can be downloaded from this page. Mrs. Denhof and Mrs. Morales will keep your forms on file so you can reference them for graduation, employment and scholarship purposes. Or you may keep the completed forms yourself.


All community service hours must be performed before school, after school, during lunch time or on the weekends, holidays or vacations. You should not attempt volunteer opportunities during the regular school day.