Curriculum & Instruction

Kent City Community Schools is committed to clearly defining what students should know and be able to do, delivering high quality instruction using research-based best practice to support student learning, and monitoring progress along the way. Our work is centered around the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment.


What do we want our students to know?

The KCCS curriculum teaches Michigan standards that set high expectations and prepare Kent City students for their future, whether it be post-secondary education or the work force. Some students will need additional time and support as they grow to reach their fullest potential, but the standards and curriculum are based upon the belief that all students will learn and experience success.


How do we best teach and engage our students?

In addition to a rigorous and relevant curriculum, we recognize the importance of quality instruction. Our effort to provide high quality instruction requires that every staff member be a professional learner, engaging in professional development and understanding current educational research. If we hope to engage student in the learning process, meaningful instruction hinges on forming strong relationships between students, teachers, families and the community. KCCS staff values strong relationships because they help students feel comfortable and connected at school.


How do we know our students are learning?

If all students are to succeed, it is not enough to teach. We have an obligation to measure student learning through assessment so that students are ready for the future when they graduate.

In conclusion, we are committed to continuous improvement in all areas. Working together, we can ensure a quality educational experience for all students. We believe in our collective capacity to create a better future for our school and students. To learn more about what your child is learning, please use the links in the menu to the right or contact your child's teacher directly.