Counseling Department

Kent City High School's Counseling Department is committed to helping students grow in the areas of Academics, Career, Personal and Social Development.

I would like to introduce myself to you by spelling out counselor.

Counselors are the people in the school looking out for kids.
Offering a place to talk about the problems or concerns you have.
Understanding and sharing knowledge to help you be the best you can be!
Never too busy, I will arrange time to meet with you.
Smiling is what I try to do.  Try it I think you will like it too!  (4 muscles to smile and 44 muscles to frown.)
Everyone is my friend and I will try to be your friend.  A friend should have two qualities, be nice and help you do what is right.
Listening is a skill I have learned and sharing the things I have learned with others.
Offering helps to those in need - all students, teachers, parents, and you!
Responsibility is something you have to learn, it cannot be taught.  I will hold you accountable for your choices.  By doing so you will learn responsibility, some sooner than others will.

So you see a counselor has a big job to do and nothing to me is more important than you!