Migrant Education Program

What is the Migrant Education Program

The migrant education program is a national program that provides educational and support services to eligible migrant children each year. These services help children of migrant workers overcome the disadvantages they face such as inadequate living space, low incomes, interruption to their education, etc.

The Migrant Education Program grew out of Title 1 Public Law 89-10, passed in 1965, to assist all disadvantaged children. It was established separately by an amendment to Title 1 in 1966 to address the specific needs of migrant children who required additional help and services. Over the years it has been amended and reauthorized under the Improving America's Schools Act, Public Law 103-382.

The Goal of the Migrant Education Program

The goal is to ensure that migratory children in the Kent City Community Schools have access to high quality, comprehensive instructional and support services that enable them to meet the same challenging state performance standard that all children are expected to meet.

Migrant Eligibility


  • Be a migratory agriculture worker or a migratory fisher; and
  • Have moved within the preceding 36 months from one school district to another in order to obtain, or accompany such parent, spouse, or guardian in order to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture or fishing work that serves as a principle means of livelihood for the worker and his or her family.

Migrant Recuiters can assist with eligibily and enrollment.  Please contact Barb Berry for more information. 

Regular School-Year Migrant Education Program

Migrant Services Coordination and Family Liaison

Barb Berry serves as the Kent City Community Schools Migrant Family Liaison.  She helps migrant students and their family access resources and supports. 

We seek to ensure that migrant students and their families have their needs for educational and support services met.  We coordinate with many organizations around Kent City and the Fruit Ridge Area to provide students and families with needed support.

Early Childhood Education and Family Literacy

We provide activities for home-based education directly involving parents and assist with school-based and other services like Headstart, Great Start Readiness Program and Telamon to enhance performance opportunities for three- and four-year-old migrant students.

Tubs of books and literacy activities are available in several locations. Additional tubs are available for families to borrow and return if they would like additional reading materials at home.

Migrant Education Database System (MEDS)

To better serve our migrant students and families, we use this innovative information network that serves migrant children in Michigan. MEDS allows complete access and update capability to all students, enrollment, and facility information.

Graduation Enhancement

We assist with the transition to postsecondary education through coordination with MSU's CAMP program to ensure that all migrant students are provided with the opportunity for postsecondary education.

Secondary Credit Accrual

High School age migrant students that are missing credits due to their mobility have the option to recover those credits through the use of the PASS program. The class may be taken during the regular school day or after-school and evening hours are also available.

Summer Migrant Education Program

Kent City Community Schools hosts a six week Summer Migrant Program each year.  Migrant children from the Coopersville, Grant, Kent City, Kenowa Hills and Sparta school districts can attend.

Barb Berry

Kent City Elementary School
29 College St    
Kent City, MI 49330
(616) 678-4181 

Kent City Middle School
285 North Main Street
Kent City, MI 49330
(616) 678-4214

Kent City High School
351 North Main Street
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Kent City Community Schools 200 North Clover Street Kent City, MI 49330 (616) 678-7714
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