English Language Learners

What are English Language Learner Services?

The Office of Civil Rights within the United States Department of Education interprets the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 regulatory requirements as prohibiting the denial of equal access to education because of a student’s limited proficiency in English. Title VI protects students who are limited in their English language skills so they can participate in and benefit fully from regular or special education school instructional programs.

The ELL Program at KCCS currently serves almost 200 students during each school year, and it is staffed with a program director, a full time ESL teacher with a master’s degree in teaching a second language, and two part-time ELL interventionists.  English Language Services are given to qualifying students in grades K-12 in one-on-one, small group or inclusive whole class settings.  The services that the student receives are determined once the student has been assessed in oral, reading and writing proficiency.  Frequency of ELL Services depends on each student's individual language need. 

ELL staff and students work on academic content and English language acquisition. ELL staff members partner with general education teachers of English Language Learners to help students gain or reinforce classroom objectives by prioritizing, adapting, or modifying curriculum and lessons. English Language Learners also receive support as they assimilate into their new culture both socially and academically. 

The Goal of English Language Learner Services

The English Language Learner Department at Kent City Community Schools is dedicated to supporting English language acquisition for all students with limited English proficiency, so they can be successful students at KCCS, responsible citizens and life-long learners.

ELL Eligibility

A student who is a Limited English Proficient student is

  • Age 3 through 21
  • Enrolling or preparing to enroll in an elementary school or secondary school
  • Born outside of the United States or whose native language is other than English
  • An individual whose difficulties with English language may be sufficient to deny the individual the ability to be proficient on state test or succeed when taught in English at school.

Upon enrolling at Kent City Community Schools, students/families complete a home language survey and students who may be eligible are given an English proficiency test called the WIDA – ACCESS Placement Test and their academic records and assessment are reviewed. Parents are then notified of eligibility and services that are being provided. 

Additional Information and Services

District communications and forms such as newsletters are available in both English and Spanish. Spanish translation services are also available to families at Parent/Teacher Conferences. 

Additional information and complaint procedures can be found in the KCCS ELL Handbook.  Please contact your building secretary or Will Lepech for more information.

PDF DocumentKCCS ELL Handbook - English / KCCS ELL Manual - Spanish

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