Virtual Academy

Kent City Virtual Academy is a valuable program for our school system. The traditional classroom environment is not always effective for all students. Our program promotes a safe and caring environment where students can excel in their learning using the Edmentum online blended learning program.

The courses are rigorous and standards-based. They use interactive tools that support learning and teach real world applications. The courses are also engaging and interactive.

The media-rich instruction is developed by experienced, certified teachers. Edmentum utilizes direct instruction videos. Students complete tasks that check for understanding. There are supports for the reading and comprehending of difficult texts. Also, read-aloud translation tools help English language learners. The activities allow for the transfer of knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

Edmentum is an effective online learning solution that empowers everyone to succeed. Students will learn about self-motivation while moving along at their own pace and discovering how they learn best. Confidence will be boosted as they take control of their own learning and begin to experience academic success. The courses support college and career readiness. Curriculum and instruction are grounded in research and monitored closely.

If you are interested in exploring your options using the Edmentum online blended learning program, please contact Jeff Wilson at 616-678-4210.

Virtual Academy

351 N Main St
Kent City, MI 49330