Tuesday, November 24th

Good morning and welcome to a Terrific Tuesday at Kent City Elementary!  Today is November 24th, 2015.  Here are today’s announcements:


Just a reminder that there is no 4th grade literary lunch today.


What an amazing concert put on by our 3rd graders last night! The singing, dancing and some heartfelt readings about what everyone was thankful for brought joy to all. Thank you 3rd graders for sharing your wonderful talents! We are so proud of the great job you all did, and you should be too!


Starting next week after Thanksgiving break we will be starting the much anticipated Reindeer games.  Just a reminder that if you do not wear proper footwear on your gym day you will not be able to participate in the reindeer games.  This is for your safety.   So please remember starting next week to wear proper footwear on your gym day!


1st & 2nd graders – Our Christmas Concert comes quickly after Thanksgiving Break – on Thursday, December 3! This weekend is an important time to practice your songs and words, so please make sure you do so! Sing to your Mom, Grandma, dog, hamster, etc.! J


Let’s finish this last day before thanksgiving break strong! We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for!  


God bless America and…Go Eagles!

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