January 27, 2015




Good morning and welcome to a Terrific Tuesday at Kent City Elementary!  Today is January 27, 2015. Here are today’s announcements:


Today’s weather forecast calls for Mostly Cloudy skies with a high temperature of 26 degrees.  The temperature and wind chill are above zero and it looks like it is going to stay that way today so we will be having outdoor recess.    


This week’s Golden Soar card will go to the classroom that does the best job of keeping their area clean in the cafeteria.  Please keep this in mind this week when you are in the cafeteria to give your class a chance to win the Golden soar card.


Just a reminder to the 3rd through 5th grade students-when you arrive to school in the morning you need to head directly to the gym.  You may not put your stuff in your lockers first you need to bring all your belongings and head straight to the gym.  We have been noticing students going to their lockers during morning hangout and also hanging out in the hallways.  If you are here before students are dismissed to class at 7:55am you need to head directly to the gym.  Thanks for your help in making our morning go smoother. 


We have still been noticing lots of black marks on the tile floors and walls leading up to the upper elementary.  We have some friends that have been cleaning these marks to help out the custodians, so please try to not drag your shoes or boots on the floor. Please try to remember to pick your feet up as you walk up the ramp and hallway during the school day! This is also a great way to practice showing self-control! Thanks for all your help!


Keep remembering your Stop light to practice self-control this month.

Stop and calm down

Think: Is my action going to hurt others? Is my action going to hurt myself? If so, think of another option.

Go: Make a DO NO HARM choice


Let’s keep our focus and stay positive!  


God bless America and…Go Eagles!

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