School Board Recognition Month 



As the New Year begins, January is an important month because it is School Board Recognition Month in Michigan. We would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and to recognize the Kent City Board of Education members for their dedication to both public education and to our district. Each of our Board members plays a crucial role as elected public officials to help establish and achieve the vision for education offered by Kent City Community Schools. In addition to scheduled Board meetings, these representatives are involved in community activities and spend countless hours at extra-curricular events. Their devotion to our district and their love for learning is what drives a Board member's desire to lead so students can achieve. Too often we neglect to recognize the hard work of our Board of Education members and the amount of concern and caring they have for our students, staff and community. To show our appreciation, we ask that if you happen to encounter one of our Board members, please take a moment to tell them "thanks for caring about our children and for everything you do for our community."

Our Board of Education members are:

Bruce Hawley, President
Tim Kruithoff, Vice President
Rick Stockhill, Treasurer
Pam Brown, Secretary
Robert Sarachman, Trustee
Derik Miller, Trustee
Dan Winell, Trustee
Parker Fritz, Student Representative