Dear Parents and Guardians,

My son and daughter walk up the path to their elementary school, backpacks snug and filled with a new supply of pencils and notebooks, brand new binders and lunch boxes. The school year has begun!  There is so much awaiting them behind the entrance doors.

They are entering a building in a district where everyone they meet: principal, teachers, supports staff and peers, will have some kind of impact on their education and experience as learners, until the day they graduate and even beyond.

I know they are part of a big, important story that needs to be told; many in fact. They are part of a place, a system, a network where stories are continually unfolding – stories of learning, achievement, leadership, obstacles, dedication and innovation.

Read Kent City stories like these:

But it’s been close to impossible to get the news out to the community. Schools have cut communications staff because of limited funding and news outlets have decreased local coverage. Now there is a way to get those stories and many more out to the media and the public.


School News Network, a truly innovative news site ( is dedicated to telling the stories of the public schools within Kent ISD.

With professional journalists (including some well-known names) and a fresh, easy-to-navigate site, School News Network provides a clear window into the schools. Parents can see for themselves what schools do, how they do it and why. With stories from your child’s school and community, you can better understand the impact of legislation and policies, and judge successes or failures in context.

As one of the SNN journalists, I know there is much to tell, to learn and to understand. As parents, the more we learn, the better we can connect with this vital system, this cornerstone of democracy that is such an integral part of our children’s lives.

Thanks to the collaboration of district superintendents and partnership with a specialized advertising company, there is no cost to schools. School News Network is funded through banner ads on our school websites. Communications staff at Kent ISD are designing and managing this initiative.

I think you will love School News Network.  Please check it out, and then share it with your family and friends. And let us know what you think!


Erin Albanese, SNN Reporter and Mom


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