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Starting in the second semester of the 2014-2015 school year, parents of students in the 6th through 12th grade have the option of requesting online classes for their child. Under section 21F of the school aid act, students are allowed to request enrollment in up to two online classes each semester. Online learning is nothing new and has its place in K-12 education. While you consider this option, ask yourself to think through all of the aspects of online learning. Listed below are a few questions to help you consider this option.

1. Can my student handle a class in which they are not face to face with the teacher every day?

2. Does my student have the skills necessary to complete course work and stay motivated to complete course work independently?

3. Will my student be fine with taking a class outside of the regular classroom away from their classmates and current teachers?

Additional information can be found at This parent guide published by Michigan Virtual University will guide you through the decision process when determining if your student can be successful with online courses.

You have the ability to review all courses in the state online course catalog at . All courses must meet graduation and rigor requirements to be approved. Because of this, not all courses in the state online course catalog will be approved by Kent City Community Schools. Approval is needed before your child begins any online course.

All enrollment procedures for 21F courses Kent City Community Schools will follow the established time line of our regular course selection process.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child's principal.

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21F Student Application

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Online Learner Readiness Rubric

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