Following months of discussion and deliberations, the district has decided that our pool will remain closed as it has been since March 13.

There are a number of factors that led us to this decision:

  • Over the past 45 years, our pool has gotten a great deal of use by both students and our community.  In recent years however, the number of people using the pool has declined and our pool expenses exceed revenues each year. Ongoing and increasing repair costs are significant factors to this deficit.
  • We have been facing a number of challenges in trying to oversee the operation of the pool in terms of staffing and having a qualified pool operator, which the state has indicated that we must have, but we simply cannot afford to do.
  • There was a period of time in the district 20 or 25 years ago when there were individuals who had jobs to do those kind of things back in the days of community education programs. Those programs have since been eliminated over the years, and the district has struggled to keep the pool open on a regular basis.
  • Some of our challenges have been because the majority of our lifeguards have been Kent City high school students, who have other responsibilities and time commitments other than being a lifeguard, meaning that we have not had the pool open for use during the school day.
  • Over these past years we’ve also been one of the few districts to have a pool but no interscholastic swim teams.  With changes in our Elementary Physical Education program, we have also had fewer students from the Elementary grades using the pool over the past number of years.
  • We believe that the best use for the future of that area is to have it re-purposed as something like an auxiliary gym that can be accessed and used by many more Kent City students on an ongoing basis.
  • We will continue to have those conversations through the summer and hope to have a plan in place later this year for the continued use of that area of the high school.
  • While this was a very difficult decision to make, we believe that given the current situation and conditions with the pool and looking to the future that this closure is in the best interests of Kent City students and community.

We hope this communication has been helpful in providing some brief background and rationale for this decision.

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding this matter, please contact Superintendent Mike Weiler at 678-7714 or

Kent City Community Schools 200 North Clover Street Kent City, MI 49330 (616) 678-7714
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