Kent City Community Schools

Student Bullying Issues

Bullying vs. Mean/Rude Behavior

When someone says or does something intentionally or unintentionally hurtful once, that’s rude and mean; it is not bullying.  Also, it is not bullying when two peers with no perceived power imbalance fight, have an argument, or disagree.  Conflict resolution or mediation is appropriate for these situations. 

When someone does something intentionally hurtful and mean that is repeated and involves an imbalance of power; that is bullying.  Bullying is a form of harassment that can happen to anyone.  Bullying may be physical (pushing, kicking, etc.), verbal (insults, threats, etc.) emotional or psychological (spreading rumors, manipulating others, etc.), or cyber (using the internet or a cell phone). 

 Kent City Community Schools Board Policy on Bullying

Click here for a link to our board policy on bullying and other aggressive behavior towards students.

http://www.neola.com/kentccs-mi/    (Once you are on the site, search for 5517.01)


Bullying Incident Report Form

Please turn in completed forms in the main office at the appropriate school building.  

Elementary 29 College St Kent City, MI 49330 616-678-4181 616-678-7570
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