WE Are Kent City Award Winners


Three times a school year we will select eight various students from each grade for the WE are Kent City Award. The eight students selected will represent each of the different character education words we are teaching this year: Courage, Empathy, Honesty, Integrity, Pride, Respect, Responsibility, and Work Ethic. Staff members will nominate a student for the word that best describes them as a student at Kent City Middle School. 

6th Grade

CourageDayton Baltruczak – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Dayton is a charismatic young man, who is never afraid to ask a question - often these questions are what other students want to ask, but may be too nervous to mention.  Dayton sets a great example for his classmates on how to take ownership of your learning.”

EmpathyTyler Brummel – Mr. Stuhan writes: “Tyler is one of the most willing students in class when it comes to helping others who don’t understand their work.  Tyler is very patient when he is explaining a problem to a peer and it is obvious that he truly cares and want to help.”

HonestyKaylee Norkus – Mr. Smith writes: “Kaylee is a pleasure to have in class because of her honesty and hardwork. She also gives her full effort in every project.”

Integrity Abagale Nelson – Mr. Smith writes: “Abby is a tremendous student. She shows integrity by consistently doing her best, treating others with respect, and having a positive attitude.”

PrideJustin Mack – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Justin gives his best effort in everything he does; he is always willing to go the extra mile in class because he cares about his education and prides himself on the finished result.”

RespectIzabella Arechiga – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Izabella is not only respectful to her teachers, but also to her classmates. She is alway willing to lend a helping hand and shows the utmost respect for school, others, and herself. She’s a pleasure to have in class!”

ResponsibilityMadilynn Roe – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Not only can you depend on Madelyn to do the right thing, you can also rely on her to encourage her classmates to be just as responsible.  Madelyn’s positive attitude and accountability is a great contribution to every classroom at KCMS.”

Work EthicJim Anderson – Mr. Gerbers writes: “Jim comes to class prepared every day. He’s ready to get to work once he arrives and does a great job throughout the hour. Jim is a great example to his peers as someone who completes all his assignments and works hard during class to do what is asked of him.”

7th Grade

CourageAlyeska Linsley – Mrs. Walwoth writes: “Aly has no issues at all putting herself out on a limb to offer answers or ask questions. Many middle school students don’t want to admit when they did something wrong, but Aly is more concerned with learning and understanding and is always willing to ask for help. It is refreshing to see that kind of courage in class!”

EmpathyAva Wright – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Ava cares for all her classmates; in the classroom, she sets a great example for kindness, understanding, and patience.  Ava is always willing to listen, and has an innate ability to make others smile.”

HonestyHayden Carlson – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Hayden is a reliable young man, who is trustworthy and always honest.  You can depend on Hayden to make the right choice, even when it is tough, and encourage his classmates to do the same.”

IntegrityKatherine Davis – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Katie is an amazing student, who models positivity, truthness, and good character on a daily basis in and out of the classroom.”

PrideOlivia Hearth – Mrs. Davis writes: “Olivia is an amazing student, who models positivity, truthness, and good character on a daily basis in and out of the classroom.”

RespectSamantha Bauer – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Samantha displays respect 100% of the time she is in school; the level of appreciation she shows her teachers and classmates is admirable and contagious in the best way.”

ResponsibilitySamara Kolehouse – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Samara is incredibly consistent about keeping up on her responsibilities as a student. Not only is her work always done and on time, but it is always done exceptionally well. She is also always willing to contribute to class discussions and help her fellow classmates in the learning process.”

Work EthicKierra Flegel – Ms. Goodrich writes: “Kierra always gives her best effort and stays focused on learning in class.  The quality of her work always exceeds expectations and she maintains a higher level work ethic on every assignment.”

8th Grade

Courage Roberto Pablo Ramirez – Mrs. Berry writes: “Roberto has recently faced some tough challenges that would be daunting to anyone, but he has used them to develop greater courage and strength.”

EmpathyHaleigh Lacy – Mr. Smith writes: “Haleigh is quick to lend a hand to her fellow classmates in projects and assignments. She does so with a positive attitude which is appreciated by myself and others.”

HonestyHannah Vander Lugt – Mr. Gerbers writes: “Hannah is a contender for the WE award in every category. She displays the eight character traits on a daily basis. Hannah’s honesty is because of an influences all other traits she possesses. Above all, Hannah treats herself and others with respect. This makes her a great classmate, teammate, and student.”

IntegrityMadelyn Watson – Mrs. Davis writes: “Madelyn is a quiet leader, who regularly does the right thing without needing encouragement or acknowledgement.  She exemplifies the word integrity.”

PrideDeegan Anible – Mrs. Davis writes: “It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with a student like Deegan.  Instead of focusing on what she can’t do, Deegan’s priority is showcasing her talents to the best of her ability.  She spends extra time beautifying our classroom with inspiring artwork that helps to clarify content.”

RespectCurtis Poling – Mr. Gerbers writes: “Curtis is a conscientious and kind person. He shows this by treating himself and others with the respect they deserve. Curtis has a great attitude toward his education and working with others.”

Responsibility Nathan Baker – Mrs. Davis writes: “Although Nathan is someone who is really fun to be around, he is also someone you can count on to do the right thing.  He has matured into a great student who represents KCMS at its best.”

Work EthicMaritza Morales-Ceballos – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Maritza does an exceptional job of getting her work turned in on time and done very well. She works very hard in class to learn and understand the material. It’s a pleasure to see her grow mathematically through her hard work!”