Three times a school year we will select eight various students from each grade for the WE are Kent City Award. The eight students selected will represent each of the different character education words we are teaching this year: Courage, Empathy, Honesty, Integrity, Pride, Respect, Responsibility, and Work Ethic. Staff members will nominate a student for the word that best describes them as a student at Kent City Middle School. 

6th Grade

Courage – Sidney Saldana – Mr. Gerbers writes: “Sidney brings a positive and helpful attitude to class every day. She’s willing to put herself out there to be part of the class conversation and help others.”

Empathy – Alexis Polus – Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Powell write: “Alexis is a very sweet young lady. She is compassionate and always thinks about how others might feel. Exceptional young lady!”

Honesty – Lizette Solorio – Mr. Smith writes: “Lizette is a terrific student. She is not only honest but kind, hardworking, and smart.”

Integrity – Savannah Miller – Mrs. Davis and Miss Goodrich write: “Savannah’s work ethic and passion for learning sets an example for all of her classmates.  She is dedicated to always trying her best and faces any academic challenge with a positive attitude and determination.”

Pride – Will Harrison – Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Powell write: “Will takes pride in our school as well as in his work. He is a team player who is eager and excited about doing his best.”

Respect – Nick Rode – Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Davis and Miss Goodrich write: “Nick always has a smile on his face and is polite and respectful in the classroom.  He appreciates each and every one of his teachers, classmates, and learning materials daily. Nick always volunteers to help in any way he can. He gives 100% of his effort!”

Responsibility – Izabella Arechiga – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Izabella does an amazing job of, not only getting all of her work done, but doing it incredibly well! She has a great sense of what it means to be a student and taking care of her responsibilities to the best of her ability.”

Work Ethic – Madi Brake – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Madi works very hard in and out of class. I never have to remind her to do her work and she is very willing to participate in class.”

7th Grade

Courage – Sawyer Degraaf – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Sawyer is not only willing, but very enthusiastic about volunteering in class. He loves to offer answers, read out loud, and generally offer his thoughts on problems. As a middle school student, this takes a lot of courage to put thoughts on the table in front of one’s peers.”

Empathy – Emmalyn Geers – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Emmalyn does an amazing job of understanding and helping those around her. She works daily with the students in her group to help, with not only math content, but organization and other areas as well. She is an essential member of our class!”

Honesty – Emma Leech – Mrs. Brown and Miss Goodrich write: “Emma is a kind girl who understands her words have meaning.  Her positivity and ability to shed a encouraging and honest light on any situation is very appreciated in the classroom. Emma is quietly remarkable, helping her classmates and staying engaged in whatever project we are working on in class. I can always count on her to do her best work!”

Integrity – Peytin Brake – Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. Walworth write: “Peytin’s positive personality and work ethic set the standard for her peers.  I don’t remember ever seeing her without a big, beautiful smile!”

Pride – Aly Linsley – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Aly takes an incredible amount of pride in her work. She works so hard to make sure that the work she does is done very well. She is willing to put in the extra time to make corrections and to be sure she understands what we are doing!”

Respect – Blake Herweyer – Miss Goodrich writes: “Blake is an energetic learner who always shows respect to his teachers, classmates, and classroom supplies.  He is always willing to assist his classmates in caring for the learning environment and encourages them to appreciate the value and importance of their education.”

Responsibility – Brock Hearth – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Brock is fantastic at getting his work done well and on top. He never needs to be reminded to be on task in class or that there is work to be done for homework! He knows exactly what his responsibilities are as a student.”

Work Ethic – Abby Kozal – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Not only does Abby work hard very hard in and out of class, but she makes sure that all of her work is done incredibly well! She is also excellent at helping keep her group on task in class. Her work ethic is a great example for all of her peers!”

8th Grade

Courage – Curtis Poling – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Curtis is never afraid to offer an answer in class. He volunteers frequently and always has something good to add to our class examples and discussions!”

Empathy – Carley Denhof – Mr. Gerbers writes: “Carley is a kind person. She works very hard to build her own understanding, but is also willing to work with her peers to help them. Her empathy towards others is a great contribution to the collaborative learning process.”

Honesty – Jenna Lee – Mr. Gerbers writes: “Jenna demonstrates her character is many ways, honesty just being one. She is true to herself and gives an honest effort in everything she does.”

Integrity – Marissa Bracewell – Mr. Smith writes: “Marissa shows integrity but working hard and giving her best effort on all her projects even when I’m not checking up on her. She is a great student.”

Pride – Hannah Vander Lugt – Mrs. Davis and Miss Goodrich write: “Hannah is proud to be an eagle; she loves KCMS and all her classmates.  Hannah has always understood her worth ethic and attitude matters - she sets a great example to her classmates with her passion for learning.”

Respect – Lance Pieper – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Lance is an incredibly respectful student. He is very polite when asking questions and offers his help any time that he has an opportunity to do so!”

Responsibility – Asher DeGraaf – Mr. Gerbers writes: “Asher is a great role model for other students and people. He’s comes to class every day prepared and read to work. He works hard to complete assignments and think about the work given to him. He adds a great deal to our class.”

Work Ethic – Evie Barkel – Mrs. Walworth writes: “Evie does a fantastic job of working hard in and out of class. She never needs a reminder of what she is supposed to be doing in class and always has her homework done each day. She works hard to make sure that she does well!”