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Career, College and Post-Secondary
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Career Cruising - Student online EDP's and career investigation - A site that engages students directly in planning for life after high school.  Students can connect, contribute and make college decisions.  They are encouraged to ask questions about life after high school, and connect with other high school students, current college students and mentors.
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid - The Michigan College Access Portal (MichiganCAP) is a statewide initiative which provides free support for all students and families in Michigan to simplify the process of transitioning from middle school to high school to college and career. MichiganCAP will offer students, parents, counselors and adult learners easy-to-use web-based, personalized tools to insure that each step in the process of choosing and applying for college is completed successfully.
MyFreeTaxes - With MyFreeTaxes, consumers who earn $57,000 or less can files their taxes for free
Mapping Your Future - Top 10 early awareness tools to help students and parents
Michigan Post-Secondary Handbook - Critical information on Michigan's Post-Secondary options
Paying for College, Student Financial Aid (Michigan)
Student Scholarships and Grants (SSG) - Michigan Program Facts Brochure
Tuition Incentive Program
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Tuition Incentive Program Brochure