WE Are Kent City Winners Quarter 1


1st Marking Period WE are Kent City Winners


9th:  Maddy Maycroft -  "Maddy is a great citizen and student in class.  She participates well and is a role model for work ethic and behavior."

9th:  Jared Lucht - "Jared is a cheerful contributor in class who does well academically.  He is a respectful young man to." 

10th:  Makenna Bonter - "Makenna is respectful, hardworking and conscientious.  She has become more independent and is a great team member."

10th:  Nolan Sweers - "Nolan is very respectful and friendly  He is always willing to help others and can anticipate what needs to be done and then does it.  His positive personality is a welcome contribution to our community."  

11th:  Rachel Gubala - "Rachel is a top-notch, conscientious students, as well as a polite, considerate, and respectful young lady." 

11th:  Omar Gonzalez - "Omar is very insightful, respectful, and willing to participate and help when it is needed.  During our Veteran's Day activities, he went out of his way to engage with and assist our visitors and helped them feel welcomed and appreciated."

12th:  Brittney Johnson - "Brittney is soft-spoken and kind, very respectful, and a hard worker who always tries her best."  

12th:  Jacob Podell - "Jacob is always one of the go to volunteers for National Honor Society.    Although he's busy with several activities, he is someone who signs up, actually shows up, and contributes positively in whatever capacity he's needed.  Jacob embodies the concept of WE are Kent City."