WE Are Kent City Award Winners


2nd Marking Period WE are Kent City Winners


9th:  Brendan Geldersma -  " Brendan is an amazing citizen in class.  He is respectful and polite.  He asks questions when needed, is responsible and does quality work.  Brendan is very kind and caring.  He works well with others in class."

9th:  Katie Schneider-Thomas - "Katie is very conscientious in terms of behavior and the quality of her work.  She is a good role model.  Katie takes pride in her work.  She is very nice to everyone."

10th:  John Meek - "John consistently displays the willingness to learn and takes school seriously.  He seems to enjoy learning and does exceptionally well on every assignment."

10th:  Paula Roberts - "Paula has a great attitude and work ethic and approaches every day with a smile on her face.  She is a great citizen in class, is cheerful, and is a top-notch student."

11th:  Gudalupe Rubio-Casas - "Guadalupe is always friendly and courteous.  He is always very polite, and he always says good morning when he comes to class.  Guadalupe is never in a bad mood or unwilling to work hard at assignments.  He is a model student!"

11th:  Sierra Braman - "Sierra Braman works hard everyday - at the athletic workouts and in class.  She is very conscientious, courteous and a pleasure to be around."

12th:  Tomas Martinez-Yanez - "Tomas is upbeat and a good mentor to my younger family members.  He is always willing to help others and is a positive group member.  Tomas has a great sense of humor, terrific personality, and great work ethic.  He never complains.  Tomas is a leader among his peers."

12th:  Cassie Abma- "Cassie is very conscientious and has a great work ethic.  Her warm smile, kindness and respect towards others is always appreciated.  Cassie has worked extremely hard to get to where she is academically.  She is thriving.  Cassie is always motivated to complete assignments to the best of her ability."